About us

Sustainable Change for Development is a non-profit, NGO (non-governmental organization) founded in 2019 by a group of Palestinian social activists who are committed to paving the road for democratization, development, and peace for the State of Palestine. SCD engages in a series of interventions that can lead to the establishment of a mutual understanding to work together and to find a sustainable path to a productive and healthy environment for building an effective state. The aim of SCD is to promote and strengthen democratic values, support state building initiatives, participate in environmental interventions, build various capacities of Palestinian society, empower youth and women, and a culture of peace, and act as a catalyst for non-violent communication within Palestinians society and among its stakeholders. Furthermore, SCD seeks to build Palestinian grassroots movements and help them achieving their social and political goals. SCD strives to combat and reduce levels of violence in Palestinian camps through these programs.



Raising Awareness

Raising awareness of civil laws, democratic practice and governance.


Youth and women empowerment in decision-making.

Building Unity and Tolerance in Palestine

Strengthening civil peace, national identity and citizenship, peaceful dialogue, and political tolerance among the various segments of social and political community.

Building a Sustainable Environment

Building a clean and sustainable environment where citizens can adopt sustainable practices to meet their needs without jeopardizing the future generation from meeting their needs of natural resources.

Empowering Palestinians for Peaceful Living

Enhancing the capacity of the Palestinians, especially women and youth, in conflict resolution and peacebuilding towards a quality living standard.

Palestinians' Rights Awareness for Empowerment

Raising Palestinians awareness of their civil, political, social, economic, and environmental rights.


With the expertise of Palestinian practitioners, scholars, experts, and academics SCD aims to encourage youth and women to participate in decision-making processes by creating unique opportunities where they can contribute to the promotion and advancement of key sectors in Palestine such as governance, planning, environment and economy, in addition to the empowerment of youth and women while envisioning an independent, peaceful, environmentally clean, democratic, secular and prosperous State of Palestine 


SDC works to achieve social justice, freedom, and national independence. 

SCD Team

SCD team is the secret of the association’s success. Every member of the team works hard to achieve SCD’s objectives and they together make SCD a positive and productive place.

Board members of SCD:

Sanad Hamed Hamdan

Vice chairman

Muhamad Haitham Shafei


Halima Dawoud Abu Ayash

General Secretary

Nadia Taiseer Dwikat


Abdelrahman Salim al Amara


Jumana Muhamad Musmar


Yousef Abdullah Abdelqader

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