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Empowering Palestinian Communities Through Diverse Projects.

In order to address the psychological and sociopolitical difficulties Palestinian people experience, SCD has created a number of initiatives and projects. Self-care workshops, soft skill development, psychological wellness radio programs, and research articles on conflict resolution, supporting positive change, and empowering youths are a few of these initiatives. SCD seeks to improve psychological health in Palestinian society by partnering with organizations: GIZ/ZFD (Civil Peace Service CPS), raising awareness, providing resources, and doing so.

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One of the main reasons that made me participate in DROPS program is to develop my project in the field of thermal printing. After gaining the required skills, I was able to apply what I learned of marketing fundamentals to my project on social media platforms by knowing who my audience are.

Alaa Abu Baker
Digital Marketing
Participating in DROPS program has added a lot to me. I acquired many skills that gave me the chance to enter the labor market. One of the skills that I have acquired that has been useful to me is writing my CV profes­sionally. Another important skill I have gained is digital design and mar­keting which served me a lot in my current job.
Areen Alhakim
Digital Marketing
DROPS program has fulfilled my desire to improve my knowledge in digital marketing, photography, graphic design, and web design. As it taught me how to use all these skills in marketing through social media platforms.

Asmaa Zidat
Digital Marketing

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